Kitty (Frances Catherine) O’Hare, M.D.

Kitty (Frances Catherine) O’Hare, M.D., F.A.A.P., Assistant Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School

Dr. Kitty O’Hare received her Bachelor of Arts Honors degree in Biology from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts and her medical degree from the Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania.  She completed her internship and residency in the inaugural class of internal medicine- pediatrics at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. After completing her training in 2008, Dr. O’Hare was recruited to the Division of General Pediatrics at Boston Children’s Hospital.  Upon arriving in Boston, she also joined the Department of Medicine at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and was appointed as Instructor at Harvard Medical School.  In 2014, Dr. O’Hare was promoted to Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

Currently Dr. O’Hare serves as the Director of Transition Medicine for Primary Care at Boston Children’s Hospital.  She provides outpatient transition consultations and is a co-founder of the Weitzman Family BRIDGES Young Adult Program.  In addition, Dr. O’Hare is a staff physician at Brigham & Women’s Family Care Associates where she provides primary care to children and adults.

Dr. O’Hare is an Innovations Fellow at the Harvard Medical School Center for Primary Care for the 2014-15 academic year. She serves as a site director for the Center’s Academic Innovations Collaborative and she is part of the Center’s Working Group on Primary Care Curriculum. In 2013 Dr. O’Hare received the John J.W. Fangman Mentoring Award from the Brigham & Women’s/Boston Children’s Hospital Internal Medicine-Pediatrics Residency Program.

Dr. O’Hare is a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics; from 2012-14 she served as the chair of the Committee on Disabilities for the Massachusetts Chapter.  Since 2012, Dr. O’Hare has been a member of the Massachusetts Child Health Quality Coalition.  As part of that group’s Confidentiality Task Force, she helped to develop a statewide manual for clinicians and families entitled, “Communication Matters: a guide for sharing information about a child’s care.”  Dr. O’Hare is also an advisor to the National Center for Health Insurance and Financing for Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs.

Dr. O’Hare has authored several articles on young adult transition care.  Her most recent publication is a chapter on the care of youth with cognitive delays, within the text, “Are Your Pediatric Patients Ready for Adult Health Care?  What to Do and How to Do It” edited by Laurie Fishman.

Dr. O’Hare’s primary teaching interests include transitions from pediatric to adult care, management of children with special health care needs, and primary care quality improvement.  She is the co-director of the Brigham & Women’s/Boston Children’s Hospital Transition to Adult Care Conference.